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Manage Inventory and Track Student Sales

The point of sale system designed specifically for schools!  You can track your school inventory, product sales, create student accounts, and sell items in your student store.

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Want to Play?

Try our Demo

Already using Store 4 Schools?  Log in here.

  • Track sales by student
  • Track and monitor inventory
  • Create and print barcodes
  • Apply student credit
  • Profit / Loss report
  • Sales by clerk report
  • Multi-day report
  • Tax collected report
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • E-mail receipts
  • Print receipts
  • Works on iPhone, iPad and tablets
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Use touch screen monitors (optional)
  • Use receipt printers (optional)
  • Use barcode scanners (optional)
  • Use electronic cash drawers (optional)

Student Store for Schools is a Point of Sale system designed specifically for schools. You can track your school inventory, product sales, create student accounts, sell items in your student store and make students accountable for the items and not just giving them away to their friends. Managing your inventory with our student store software will help to stop missing items from your student store. Sell food, drinks, clothing or other items to you want to sell to your students at school. This easy to use web application can be used from any computer that has internet and you can use a barcode scanner to make your student purchases quick and easy.

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Items Sold
In Transactions

Using the Student Store 4 Schools software, our registration process went AMAZING!!! Because of the ease of the software, combined with our new credit card sales tool, we sold 3X the amount of product than we normally do.

LindaThompson Middle School

Online Student Store
  • Application is installed on our servers
  • We setup and manage the infrastructure
  • Custom link just for your school
  • Free updates (automatically)
  • Cost is annual with no long term contract
  • Have receipts E-mailed to your inbox
  • Faster purchasing and shorter lines
Teachers / Administrators
  • Interface is user friendly and easy to learn
  • Track your sales online
  • Analyze inventory quickly to determine future purchasing
  • No paper wasted, E-mail receipts can be 100% digital
  • Any web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox or Safari)
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for your site to be set up

What’s Included

  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Spirit Point Tracking and Rewards
  • Web Portal with Credit Card Integration
  • Automated Student Rostering (From SIS)
  • Single Sign-On (Google)
  • Excel & PDF Exports
  • SSL Encryption / Daily Backups
  • Phone, Email, Chat Support (Included)

As low as $0.15 per student

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Pricing based on student count ranges. Small schools under 1,000 students, medium schools up to 2,499 students and large schools over 2,500 students.
Please contact for college or large organization pricing.

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About Us

Leading the way in the scanning revolution Ben and Michael, two teachers from Anaheim, started marketing their solution for the fast sale of dance tickets over 10 years ago. The response from some schools was “Can we also use this to scan tardies?” So we thought about this and came out with a rather poor PC version of what it could look like. No matter that many schools liked it we knew we could do better. And we have!

June 2018 marks the launch of a totally re-engineered product, Discipline 4 Schools. It’s dedicated to doing one thing really well: rapidly recording the thousands of oft-repeated infractions that get faculty and administration bogged down as they try to track who did what, and when, and follow up on the consequences.

Of course, we now have many other tools in the box including Voting 4 Schools, Store 4 Schools, Ticketing 4 Schools, and the well-loved legacy application – Announcements 4 Schools. You can find these all here.


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