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POS System

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your school store, you might have come across the term “POS system for school stores.” Unless you come from a retail background, you might be wondering what that means and why you need one. 

Read on as we explain what POS systems for school stores are and why you might need one. 

What Is a POS System?

The first thing you might be wondering about POS systems for schools is what exactly they are. 

The term “POS” stands for Point Of Sale, which could be something physical, like a cash register or an app or software solution that you can use to complete transactions. 

Sometimes, a POS these days does both. It can operate as an online store, or you can use it to complete real-world sales in your physical store. 

Essentially, these systems track your sales, and some even help to manage inventory and stock levels. 

Why Might You Need a POS System for School Stores?

Many of the new options for POS systems for school stores integrate electronic payment options like debit and credit cards. Since very few people carry cash these days, this makes it a lot easier for students and their families to make purchases when they need to. 

A POS system also helps your school accounting department track sales and reconcile them with payments and makes it easier to track stock and inventory. 

A POS system for schools can even help identify when you have had stock go missing and alert you to potential security problems. If your POS system operates as a stock management system, it’s easy to spot problems before they get out of control! 

How Can You Get a POS System for School Stores?

There are several ways you might be able to get a POS system for your school store. 

You could go the old-fashioned route and buy a used cash register, which is usually easy to install and cheap to buy. However, you’ll have to buy paper for the receipt printer and other supplies. If the machine you buy is very old, you might find that they stop making those things too! 

The other option is to opt for an electronic, web-based POS system like we offer on Because it’s in the cloud, it can work on any computer or tablet, and it can be used for the real world and online sales. 

This option is also easy to set up and very cost-effective; plus you can use any printer you like if you want to print receipts! So you never have to worry about where to buy cash register supplies! 

Perfect for Any Size Store

Some schools carry a lot of supplies and merchandise, and others only have a few. When you use a POS system for school stores, you can keep track of all of them, no matter how extensive your store is (or isn’t.) This makes it easy for any volunteers you have working in the school store!