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Many schools sell school supplies, but there are also some that are on the fence. Maybe you’re not sure if your students and their families will buy from you. Or perhaps you just aren’t sure if you have the time or staffing to manage a school supply store. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to start selling school supplies with, and here are a few good reasons you should. 

1. It’s Convenient for Busy Parents

Back to school is already a chaotic time of year. It’s when parents discover that none of their kids’ pants have knees anymore, and all their t-shirts are too small. It’s trying to get back into a sleep routine when they’ve been up late every night playing computer games with their friends. 

The last thing most families want to do is fight their way through back-to-school sales! If they know you sell school supplies, they can get them whenever they need them, without a trip to yet another store! 

2. It’s a Good Way to Raise Funds

If you can get a good deal on school supplies from a local supplier, choosing to sell school supplies is a great way to boost your school’s bank account. 

Even if you’re only making a little on each item you sell, when you’re selling to hundreds of families, it adds up fast! 

3. You Have Supplies When Kids Leave Something at Home

There has never been a kid who didn’t forget something at least once. Whether it’s a notebook or a set of markers, they might have to share with a friend or miss out on a fun activity. 

When you sell school supplies, you can easily provide them with the item they need from your on-site stock and then simply ask the parent to log in and buy the item online. So, no kids have to sit and watch while others have fun!

4. You Can Ensure That Kids Have Quality Supplies

There are a lot of options to buy school supplies out there, but some of them are of dubious quality. Kids get the most out of school when their school supplies are high quality. 

If you choose to sell school supplies to the families who attend your school, you can control the quality of everything you sell and ensure that all of the kids have the right supplies for all their classes. 

5. You Can Sell Bundles

Most families these days log onto the school website to download a school supplies list, and then they take that list to one or more stores to find everything on it. 

To make things easier for parents who probably already have a lot on their plate, you can sell bundles that include everything kids need for a particular grade. This means they don’t have to try to find everything for the first day of school!

6. You Can Stock Up for Teachers Too

If you choose to sell school supplies and get a good deal from a local supplier, you can ask your teachers if they want to add anything to the list for themselves. Then they can buy their own supplies at reduced prices – which is great news for teachers and the kids in their classes!